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the first line of defense, i mean, i think we have sort of a tripartide line of defense. we start off with very expensive and sophisticated monitoring at a much higher level and much more comprehensively than we've had in the past. then we have supervisionary regulation, where we work with other agencies to try to cover all the empty or uncovered areas in the financial system. and then in addition, we try to use communication and similar tool s tools to effect the way that financial markets respond to monetary policy. so we do have some first lines of defense, which i think should be used first. that being said, you know, i think that given the problems that we've had, not just in the united states, but globally, in the last 15, 20 years, that we need to at least take into account these issues, as we make monetary policy. and i think most people would agree with that. what that means, exactly, depends on the circumstances. i think if the economy is in very weak condition and interest rates are very low for that purpose, it's very difficult to contemplate raising rates a lot, because y
we get some kind of real persistent outperformance. >> you remain defensive? >> you say emerge marketing can't get a bid? >> they can't outperform the s&p. you've seen clear strength in the qe countries of japan and the u.s. everything else has been outperforming. >> lee munson, what do you make of what went on with fedex and the transports this week? for a long time, we kept seeing the transports and the industrials side by side rallying. they've broken down. do you worry about that? >> i don't, because you have to remember, maria, since the beginning of the year, the transports have been up about, you know, 4% or 5% against the s&p. they're just coming down a little bit. i think it's a little profit taking. i'm not concerning that investors should be worried that the transports are going to be negative this week. it doesn't mean you go back to dow theory and it's the end of the rally. so i would ignore that for this week, at least. >> rick santelli -- who said that, peter? >> me, i agree totally about the transports. i think this is just a blip in the -- in our year move. >>
, traditional defensive stocks. i would stay away from telecom. those valuations have been stretched. utilities also. they have very little rev newspaper growth. you want to avoid that. >> money center banks especially an area for croprofit taking. on average up 20%. superregionals up only 10%. they're cheaper and better managed. >> go for the quality. that's the message. >> a nice place to tie it all up. >> matt and oliver, good to see you both. >>> coming up next, we're coming back with the dance? >> where if you think oliver's 5% to 7% pullback prediction is bad, you haven't heard anything yet. the uberbear, harry dent is back with us. his bloom mgloomy outlook might enough to send investors into hibernation. he's been wrong so far. what's changed? we'll ask him coming up. [ male announcer ] this is a reason to look twice. the stunning lexus es. get great values on your favorite lexus models during the command performance sales event. this is the pursuit of perfection. it's delicious. so now we've turned her toffee into a business. my goal was to take an idea and make it happen. i'm janet lo
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3

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